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To provide our clients with a full body composition test. We at Applied Fitness Testing want to provide the tools so you can look, feel and be better!   We want you and your clients to APPLY our results and become healthier!  For our elite athletes and trainers we want you to utilize our Bod Pod to track and fine tune your training regiments.
We assist you and your business by providing a tool to give your employees information about their health.  With the body composition test in the Bod Pod you can track progress that your employees make in their health status. Some clients have the test done quarterly on their employees.  Some of our clients offer pay incentives and or team building events if their employees participate in our testing which is voluntary.  They express that they have seen a marked improvement in productivity and a decrease in sick leave use with these wellness programs in the work place.  We also are utilized by various academies to track their recruit’s lean and fat mass as well as their weight from the first day of the academy to the day they graduate.  This gives them instant factual feedback on how their training program is working.
Today we care more about health and wellness than ever before. As a result many choose to be members at various gyms and fitness facilities.  Regardless if you belong to a  Gym, CrossFit Box, Yoga studio, Boxing/MMA Club or work out at your house our clients need to assess their progress and fine tune their routines.  This is where Applied Fitness Testing and our Bod Pod are utilized for fast and accurate results all while maintaining client privacy.  We are a mobile service so we come to you at your gym, club or event.   So organize a fitness challenge, have us at one of your CrossFit events or set up a day of testing for the New Year which is right around the corner!  We look forward to helping you and your members achieve your goals. 
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Applied Fitness Testing – Mobile Body Composition testing
utilizing the Bod Pod serving all of Southern California including
Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, Riverside and San Bernadino Counties.
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Upon scheduling a group test session with AFT we will come to your home, gym, event or office.  We have a Mercedes Sprinter Van that houses our mobile office! Our van provides an environment where the client, athlete and  or employee will have privacy and comfort.  If you desire a solo test session than contact us to find out when we will be in your area next.  Our test session starts with a friendly greeting and review of our testing process. After measuring and inputting your height, weight, blood pressure and heart rate we will assist you into the Bod Pod for a body composition test.  The test is among the most accurate in the world!  You no longer have to deal with getting submerged under water. You no longer have to deal with the inaccuracies of calipers, dunk tanks, radiation or scales.  Our test sessions take 12 minutes and immediately produces your body composition figures on paper.  After we review your results you now apply the information and can better shape your daily fitness and nutrition routine.  The Bod Pod is a sophisticated piece of diagnostic equipment that utilizes air displacement technology. Our 2 minute testing tells you the following figures;


These mass figures from above are expressed as a percentage (%) as well as in pounds. Our clients can now see specifically how much of their body is fat vs muscle.  With those eye opening numbers you can now track specific changes, big or small, in your body based on you fitness and nutrition routines.  These routines should be created and managed by a certified trainer and or your Physician. We need to stop looking at the scale each morning and letting it be more of a hindrance then a resource.  Instead concentrate on how we feel, where our energy levels are and the changes we see in the mirror! 

The Resting Metabolic Rate and the Total Energy Expenditure test is a profound analysis that tells you your daily caloric needs based on your specific body and to take it a step further it will tell you this for your work out days as well as your rest days!  You no longer have to wonder what and how much you should be consuming on both days.  This number is extremely valuable to know in order to keep your body in a state where it burns fat instead of stores it!  The rest is easy now that you have our test results.  


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